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Results of Betting Trends Forum: preparation for 2018 FIFA World Cup and anti-match fixing  

On March 31, Moscow hosted Betting Trends Forum, Russia’s only event for bookmakers dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The forum brought together 120 participants: executives of betting companies, lawyers, journalists and representatives of professional unions.   

Smile-Expo, the forum organizer, expresses gratitude to sponsors and partners for participation. A special thanks to such companies as BetConstruct, GoldenRace, and UbGaming.   

Discussion topics

A key forum topic was the forthcoming FIFA World Cup. Participants were discussing bookmakers’ preparations for the event, features of football betting, new technologies and marketing.  

Mariya Lepschikova, a well-known lawyer in the betting industry, prepared market players for the competent work during the championship and told about trends of industry legal regulation.     

The lawyer commented on the law on mandatory contribution of bookmakers towards sports development. According to her statements, bets on the 2018 World Cup can be accepted without agreements on purpose-oriented deductions, because the event is organized by FIFA and not referred to the subjects of Russian professional sport.  

As to agreements, Mariya Lepschikova believes that betting shops are ready to conclude them; however, the government has not adopted the calculation base and procedure for the conclusion of contracts. Besides, the law does not stipulate sanctions against those who do not pay a bench mark of 15 million RUB.       

According to Leonid Oboznyy, the head of First Gaming, bookmakers have every reason to rely on revenue increase during the World Cup, yet they should know behavior patterns of players.       

He also recalled that since 2012, the football relative share in the total amount of sports bets had decreased from 43.5% to 38%. But despite this fact, each even-numbered year brings foreign and Russian bookmakers a record income.     

“I will cheer for Russian bookmakers,” Leonid Oboznyy summarized.  

Konstantin Makarov, President of Bingo Boom, dedicated his presentation to law-abiding operations during the championship. He stressed the double person identification issue – via the center of tracking the interactive bet transactions and bookmakers – and offered its solution.        

According to Konstantin Makarov, the 2018 World Cup is both a challenge and great opportunities for Russia, particularly, in terms of betting legal regulation. 

Alexey Tkachuk, the chief editor of publication, shared his optimistic forecasts. He believes that the amount of bets during the championship will increase twice. Moreover, some operators can increase the amount sixfold or even eightfold.      

Maxim Kleiman (Nielsen Sports representative), Elena Rasskasova (head of UB|Consulting training center) and Valery Bollier (Oulala Games co-founder) also shared their forecasts.  

The separate block of presentations was dedicated to anti-match fixing and fraud in betting business.

In the first case, one should determine high-risk players and officials and appoint surveillance specialists, according to Josef Hosmaj, a director of integrity and development at Indexxdata Sport Security Consulting.       

The presentation of Thanos Marinos, CEO at Entergaming Platform, was dedicated to a modern trend – artificial intelligence in betting – and risk management.  

Artificial intelligence should become a tool for marketers focusing on players segmentation. It is required to adjust marketing campaigns and risk management. AI-based solutions can give a concept of typical behavior of each player and accurately predict their actions, Thanos Marinos believes.     

Besides, artificial intelligence won’t replace a team of traders, and decision-making will remain a human task, Entergaming Platform CEO adds.    

Valery Bollier, CEO at Oulala Games, told the audience about offers segmentation. He called upon operators not to be afraid of changes and to apply new technologies while working with millennials. “We are observing an alternation of generations, consuming fantasy games. The main growth driver of this segment will be DFS,” Valery Bollier said.     

We would like to recall that Moscow Betting Trends Forum is held every year. The forum program is constantly expanding and corresponding to relevant issues.   

Smile-Expo team is always ready to cooperate with speakers, sponsors and partners.

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