Julia Nemtseva: bookmakers shouldn’t change their marketing strategy for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Julia Nemtseva: bookmakers shouldn’t change their marketing strategy for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Right before the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia legalized advertising of betting providers. Market players were allowed to advertise their services during sports events broadcastings and 20% of the allowed time was allocated for it.

In which cases is it advisable for a betting provider to launch advertising, what are the principles of a successful advertising campaign, and how to effectively use the 2018 FIFA World Cup for promotion? All of these questions were answered by Julia Nemtseva, Managing Partner at AdConsul, Betting Trends Forum speaker.

Interviewer: Betting Trends Forum (BTF)
Speaker: Julia Nemtseva (J.N.)

BTF: Which words should be avoided when advertising bookmaking services on the Internet?

J.N.: Advertising of bookmaking services, just like anything else, should be true-to-fact and conscientious. In the wording of the law on advertising, this means that the information broadcasted to the audience must comply with the reality and industry standards.

BTF: In which cases should a bookmaker launch advertising on a national TV channel? After all, it is really important.

J.N.: A bookmaker company should launch advertising on television if the company wants to build and/or strengthen its brand and promote its products. Television is an ultimate tool, which can help you build a comprehensive high quality advertising campaign with a limited budget.

BTF: Continuing with the topic of TV advertising. According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Advertising", only 20% of the allowed time for all advertising (15% of the broadcasting time in an hour) is allocated to advertising betting, as well as risk games, and only during the broadcasts of sporting events. Two questions arise here: do you agree with such strict regulations and how should market players operate in such conditions?

J.N.: As a rule, restrictions only boost creativity. But seriously, existing conditions, in my opinion, are not the strictest for such category of services as gambling. Yet the information is meant for an adult audience. Market players in this situation can be advised to carefully analyze the inventory and the situation in general, with the help of professional advertising partners and experts.

BTF: What are the general principles of developing an advertising campaign that will work for both land-based and online BSs.

J.N.: I would define step-by-step actions: 1) choosing the advertising campaign goals; 2) defining the audience; 3) choosing tools/channels of communication with the audience; 4) creating a quality message; 5) media planning; 6) placement; 7) analysis.

BTF: What should betting providers focus on when forming an advertising strategy taking into account the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018?

J.N.: On the most effective (in this case, almost any) use of the possibilities of such a big event as the World Cup, which will take place on the territory of Russia, in order to promote their brand and products. And don’t forget that FIFA is the main beneficiary of all this story, so carefully monitor the activities of both official and other participants of the monetization process.

BTF: Should they change the marketing strategy in a way that would take into account the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

J.N.: I think it's not worth changing it. But preparing a special product for the World Cup and advertising it would be a good idea. The audience will react more actively to the event trigger, so it should be used.

BTF: Do you think beginning bookmakers will benefit from the FIFA World Cup 2018 or is there a risk for them to get lost among competitors immediately/go bankrupt because of payments?

J.N.: Beginning bookmakers have a great chance to enter the media at once, using the grand event. You just have to use this opportunity wisely.

BTF: What would you advise a beginner BS to start an advertising campaign from?

J.N.: From choosing a professional advertising partner.

To learn more about the effective advertising strategy before the 2018 FIFA World Cup and ask Julia Nemtseva additional questions, come to the Betting Trends Forum in Moscow on April 3.

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