Russia plans to simplify betting sites registration system

Russia plans to simplify betting sites registration system

The Federation Council received a bill No.157752-7 for consideration. It covers simplifying registration on Russian online gambling resources. The plan is to use biometric data for user identification, which will save time for gamblers.

Data from face and retina scanning, as well as citizen's voice recording, will be stored in a centralized state database, which will allow accessing them remotely if necessary. After the user confirms their identity using biometrics, access to online betting platforms will be open at any time.

At the moment, authorization on legal Russian BS websites requires double registration. First, you have to enter your data on the bookmaker's resource and then create a profile in TSUPIS, a centralized gambling transaction payment processing system.

The Unified System of Identification and Authentication (USIA) will save time when carrying out any banking transactions. However, it will be especially useful in betting. For example, 15 thousand people registered on the Bwin Russia BS website, but only a third was able to go through the double authorization.


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