theScore launches new fantasy sports app

theScore launches new fantasy sports app

Real cash prizes and zero entry fees. That is how the newest entrant to the daily fantasy sports industry seeks to set itself apart from existing behemoths like FanDuel and DraftKings as well as stay far away from legal scrutiny. The new daily fantasy sports product is called QuickDraft and is provided by mobile-first sports app developer theScore, Inc. , which counts over 10.5 million monthly active users across its mobile platforms.

While the daily fantasy sports industry’s legality has been questioned frequently by state attorneys general, politicians and lawyers who have sued daily fantasy operators for a variety of causes of action, theScore has been in the background developing a brand new type of product that caters to sports fans looking for a casual “shark-free” experience.

QuickDraft’s completely free-to-play model separates it from FanDuel, DraftKings and many others in the daily fantasy sports space . By not charging an entry fee, QuickDraft may be able to provide its contests without wondering whether its games would survive a legal challenge over the amount of skill involved versus chance with regard to how winners are selected.

Entries will be limited to one-per-contest for every participant and the use of scripts (computer algorithms that allow participants to automate line-up edits) is prohibited. Additionally, theScore says that every public contest will be guaranteed to run.

“We wanted to provide a fantasy game that was accessible to all sports fans,” said John Levy, Founder and CEO of theScore. “Fantasy sports has lost its way by allowing gameplay that caters to professionals instead of sports fans. We think this makes for a poor experience.”

QuickDraft launches on Apple’s iOS platform within the United States and Canada, which is where parent company theScore is based. As part of the launch, theScore has also significantly enhanced its fantasy sports coverage on its mobile application, with a new section dedicated to latest injury and selection updates.

“We have been doing marketing for some daily fantasy sports platforms (FanDuel and DraftKings and Draftstreet before that) and figuring out the right way to participate,”  said theScore President & COO, Benjie Levy. ”What became apparent to us in the last two months is that there are more questions being raised than being answered, and we didn’t think it was the right environment to launch a brand new, high profile paid daily fantasy sports product. Ultimately, in an environment where there are no paid entries, there is the potential for very robust advertisement and sponsorship driven on the strength of user engagement and size of audience.”

Levy left the door open for QuickDraft to begin offering pay-for-prize competitions when the environment concerning legal questions surrounding daily fantasy sports settles. He also noted that theScore believes regulation is a good idea for the industry.

“Bombarding is what FanDuel and DraftKings did,” added Levy. “We would not be interested in the DFS space if it didn’t have active an engaged user base. We’re seeing this unfold on a day-by-day basis.”

At launch, QuickDraft is offering competitions related to the National Football League. Support for other major professional sports leagues is coming soon.


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