Digital marketing expert Denis Konotop: the majority of betting operators appreciates affiliate marketing

Digital marketing expert Denis Konotop: the majority of betting operators appreciates affiliate marketing

Currently, betting advertising is associated with a range of difficulties and limits. However, despite this state of things, Russian industry players are learning cutting-edge marketing tools and catch up with Western fellows. The press service of Betting Trends Forum interviewed Denis Konotop who spoke at the 2017 conference and will deliver a presentation at BTF-2018. He will dwell on the industry achievements of the year as well as existing challenges and problems.

Denis Konotop is an experienced marketer whose expertise lies in the promotion of gambling and betting projects. He has published a lot of articles dedicated to online earnings, fraud combatting in IT as well as operating tools in affiliate marketing.

Interviewer: Betting Trends Forum (BTF)
Speaker: Denis Konotop (D.K.)

BTF: According to one of your last year’s interviews, Internet promotion leaves a lot to be learned for Russian bookmaker operators who now make typical mistakes of beginners. Are there any changes over a year? Did bookmakers manage to catch up or only embarked on the learning curve?

В.K.: More precisely, I was emphasizing that bookmaker operators have less experience in Internet promotion than in other industries. For instance, how can one compare e-commerce and betting? That makes no sense. Not much time has passed since the legalization of sports online betting and then only with strong restrictions and limits in promotion. The year turned out to be highly productive. For instance, nowadays, bookmaker operators can appear in contextual ads, one the most important traffic sources on the Internet.

BTF: Affiliate marketing is comparatively a new term for Russia. Are your bookmaker operators learning the ropes of this means of promotion? If so, at what speed?

D.K.: It depends on what you are comparing with. In my opinion, affiliates are outdated, and this industry is completely formed. Most bookmaker operators prioritize affiliate marketing and sometimes refer it as the only source of traffic. However, there also exist traditional operating models as bwin, for example.

BTF: Let’s talk about numbers. Are there any statistics for the affiliate marketing efficiency? How does it boost traffic or an average check? Will it be as effective for Russian bookmaker operators?

D.K.: Affiliate marketing attracts betting operators because as advertisers, they risk nothing. All the efficiency problems fall on the shoulders of a webmaster. As I have already mentioned, there are bookmaker operators whose affiliate traffic exceeds their own.

BTF: What is the politics of the foreign fellows? Do Europe-based betting operators practice affiliate marketing, is it popular?

D.K.: Certainly. Europe and the U. S. set trends as they do within other spheres of Internet advertising.

BTF: Does the today’s advertising legislation put burdens on Russian affiliate marketing? Should the community take actions to change the existing regulation?

D.K.: It’s up to you to decide whether the glass is half-full or half-empty. Sure, the legislation limits traffic sources and cuts conversion. On the other hand, there emerged a possibility to work legally with bookmaker offers knowing your source won’t be banned. No doubt, we could have better conditions but the current state of things is a significant breakthrough in the industry.

BTF: At Betting Trends Forum scheduled for April 3, you will speak about affiliate marketing for bookmaker operators. In brief, why is that presentation a must to hear?

D.K.: Like any other presentations, this one is also important. Every specialized forum is a platform for gaining new knowledge and exchange of opinions.

Hear the presentation of Denis Konotop to find out more about marketing for online bookmaker operators as well as discuss the industry problems and trends. Explore the effective ways of betting business promotion on the Internet!

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