Cryptocurrency recognition in Russia: 36% likelihood according to bookmakers

Cryptocurrency recognition in Russia: 36% likelihood according to bookmakers

Russian government recently named the expected date of cryptocurrency legalization – July 1, 2018. President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, gave appropriate instructions to lawmakers and the Central Bank of Russia. BS Liga Stavok accepts bets on whether the president's instructions will be executed on time.

Russian President made the statement about cryptocurrency legalization at a meeting concerning technology. According to him, cryptocurrency related definitions (token, smart contract, etc.) should be fixed in the law. It is assumed that cryptocurrency will not be recognized as an equivalent of money, since, according to Vladimir Putin, Russia has only one currency - Russian ruble. The new law should also define taxes on mining and describe ICO regulation.

Bookmakers from Liga Stavok estimate the odds of this law being released before December 31, 2018, at a 2.55 coefficient (36% probability). Those who think that the bill will be out later can bet on it with a coefficient of 1.45 (64%).

"Chances are pretty good," says Maxim Afanasyev, top manager of the BS Liga Stavok. He also added that digital assets are super popular today, and the introduction of CryptoRuble doesn’t seem that impossible.

Vladimir Putin insisted on drafting the bill within a short time, he noted that authorities should not create artificial barriers for cryptocurrency legalization.


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