Online Bet Acceptance: How Not To Break The Law?

Online Bet Acceptance: How Not To Break The Law?

Launch of online bet transfer accounting centres has provided an opportunity to accept bets online. Nevertheless, do the operators know about all the subtleties of this process? How not to break the law? This is a topic of the report by Alexander Tarasenko, who is a lawyer at the international company Baker & McKenzie.

Listen to the speaker at Betting Trends Forum within the section dedicated to the legislative regulation of betting business.

Issues to be addressed by the reporter:

  • What legal requirements it is necessary to remember when launching a bet acceptance website
  • Process of bet acceptance through online bet transfer accounting centres: is it the legalization of online betting or tightening of requirements for operators?
  • Identification of a player under the "anti-laundering" law and the law on gambling
  • Personal data collection: how not to break the law

Alexander Tarasenko has been representing Baker & McKenzie for about five years. It is an international law firm working in the market for almost 70 years. It has offices in 46 countries and its turnover amounts to billions of dollars.

The company ranks second in the world in terms of in-house counsel number. They specialize in many different areas, including gambling.

A report by Alexander Tarasenko will be useful to those who earn on online betting or plan to open a betting website.

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