Mayweather’s victory brought bookmakers huge profits

Mayweather’s victory brought bookmakers huge profits

The duel between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was very much anticipated. You bet: the most charismatic mixed martial arts fighter and the undefeated champion met in the ring. The Irishman is taller and heavier than Mayweather, and pleases to the public more, so many bet on his victory. Only the MMA experts knew that the American would win. And so it happened.

Result: bookmakers received huge profits.

Fonbet BS said that Mayweather victory literally saved the company from huge financial losses. More than 90% of the bets were on the Irishman’s win. Betting odds on McGregor were quite high – from 5.00 to 4.30. Therefore, if he won, bookmakers would have to pay huge sums of money. Instead, company received huge profits.

Before the fight started, the Fonbet clients made only 25% of the bets on Mayweather. A small number of lucky people who bet on the American’s victory received a net profit of 100 thousand rubles. Those, who foresaw that Mayweather win beforehand, received 220 thousand rubles. These are the maximum amounts.

Betway BS reported that Mayweather vs McGregor fight brought them a historic profit. The company did not expect this and was preparing for losses. The office representatives said that the amount of bets on the day of the battle was comparable to the final of a major soccer tournament.

The OpenBet platform also processed a record-breaking number of bets, the average amount of which was $25.6. However, $1.2 million more was bet on the Mayweather victory than the scandalous McGregor.


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