Nikita Prokhorov to speak at Betting Trends Forum on innovative marketing approaches

Nikita Prokhorov to speak at Betting Trends Forum on innovative marketing approaches

Do you run out of marketing strategy ideas? Low budgets? One can launch an efficient email campaign even under such conditions. This issue will be revealed at Betting Trends Forum by Nikita Prokhorov, Deputy General Manager at Sidorin.Lab, on April 3.

He graduated with honors from Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University) and Institute of International Economic Relations with a degree in International economics and Innovative business. He studied digital marketing at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign as well as strategic management and innovations at Copenhagen Business School.

Today, Nikita Prokhorov is the head of the ReputationLab project, Deputy General Manager at Sidorin.Lab, and COO at the LIMUR reputation management educative center. He wrote articles for Forbes, Gazeta.Ru, and TV Rain (Dozhd). Besides, the expert regularly speaks at specialized conferences.

At Betting Trends Forum, the specialist will make a presentation titled “Unconventional marketing tools at limited budget”. Nikita Prokhorov will focus on the following issues:

  • explosive PR and virus marketing;
  • lead generation via monitoring systems;
  • negative processing and anti-crisis communications;
  • isle of content and multimedia SEO;
  • case studies and life hacks.

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