Alexey Tsymbal, EtherSport CEO, to speak at Betting Trends Forum

Alexey Tsymbal, EtherSport CEO, to speak at Betting Trends Forum

Tsymbal, CEO at EtherSport (a blockchain platform for sports events), will speak at Betting Trends Forum 2018 in Moscow on April 3.

The speaker has a long-term experience in entrepreneurship and integration of innovative technologies into businesses. He primarily focuses on introducing blockchain technologies to financial, investment and payment sectors. As a technological leader of EtherSport, he applies this knowledge to launch a decentralized and transparent gaming platform.

Presentation topic: Mix of betting and lottery: a way to decentralization.

Presentation key points:

  • the core of betting, the amount of money on this market, including the black one;
  • disadvantages of existing betting companies: odds, handicaps, hidden fees, reduction of pay-offs;
  • general terms and types of lotteries, impact of random numbers, fraud schemes;
  • special features of EtherSport, its advantages over other lotteries, project’s relation with blockchain and smart contracts;
  • operation concept of EtherSport: definition of lines, amount of lines per day, absence of outcome manipulations, fair pay-offs;
  • advantages of project decentralization: democracy, impossibility to influence results and payments, absence of third parties and hidden fees.

On April 3 at Betting Trends Forum 2018, speakers will focus on betting innovations and preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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