Cappers of Russia. How to choose capper

Cappers of Russia. How to choose capper

A capper is a professional who helps to predict the result of sports matches. Those who consider their skills not to be enough to success in betting require these services.      

Forecasters are called cappers. It is believed that they don’t bet in a betting shop but only advise and help its customers.   

Generally, services of such specialists can be found on the Internet: cappers create websites, shot videos and blog where they share forecasts and tips. The main thing cappers rely on is experience and analytical skills. They have been going for a certain kind of sports and following its news, comparing information and analyzing data for years. Such as:            

  • played matches;
  • matches between two competitors;
  • rating in a leaderboard;
  • amount of winnings and defeats;
  • morale of team members;
  • traumas and disqualifications;
  • motivation of the team;
  • stadium (home or away), fans behavior, weather, climate.

How to choose a capper?

There are a lot of cappers but it is better to choose five (give or take) specialists. Why so many? In order to see the range of views. It is safer.    

What should be known while choosing? Keep your eyes on what bets cappers recommend and choose those whose predictions come true.   

Will one have to pay for cappers services? As in other areas, the work of a good specialist is paid: a professional will share information with you for a fee because you can earn several times more than paid fee based on their prediction. But it’s not that simply: there are a lot of swindlers and incompetent people among paid cappers.         

In order to find a qualified specialist, visit a forum of cappers. Honestly, the most valuable information is kept in private clubs where it is too hard for professionals to become a member. To enter such clubs one should make almost purely true series of predictions.        

Not only a sports player, sports journalist or shoutcaster can become a capper but also a person without sports experience. Only thing that matters is collecting experience and knowledge.     

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