What betting games to choose?

What betting games to choose?

StarCraft series is a strategy in which a player manages the base, gathers resources, tries to build an army faster than other players and destroy the enemy. A distinctive feature of this game is a symmetrical balance granting strengths and weaknesses to each of three sides of the game conflict. The whole strategy of the game changes depending on the race. Thus, a person wishing to bet on StarCraft, is obliged to pay attention to the chosen by the player race, as well as his/her speed of reaction and coordination of movements. Being ready to bet, find out what map is used (it can seriously affect the balance), and ignore any ratios. It is not easy to predict the outcome of the match in this game as standard methods do not work here.

League of Legends is a game in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, for the sake of brevity it is referred to as MOBA. Its audience has more than 40 million players worldwide. Three to five teams can participate in each match at once. Each player controls only one character, which is supported by computer-controlled minions. They must destroy the enemy team and ruin its base. During the game, the user can strengthen its character via the variety of artifacts and spells as well as use special abilities to kill the enemy. Accordingly, the bets are accepted on a winning team and sometimes on a player who in the course of the match scores more points. League of Legends is considered to be a game with the richest budget. The interest in it is strongly supported by its developer, Riot Games Company. It is too primitive for professional players, so even the most serious masters play it carelessly, losing to determined beginners.

Its younger twin brother is DotA 2. This game has the same genre and similar rules. The difference is that Valve developer has formed the largest and most prestigious international championship around it - The International. For example, in 2015, its prize fund exceeded $ 15 million. During the tournament, passions run high and the amount of bets and winnings grows exponentially. If you are interested in DotA 2, it makes sense to take the first steps in the world of betting on this game before the beginning or after the end of The International. However, during the tournament you can earn big money. Watch out for dates, each year it is held at different times.

Counter-Strike is an old, but very popular series of first-person shooters team. Divided into two teams, players try to shoot the opponents, or execute certain conditions, for instance, to lay / defuse the bomb or kill / save all the hostages. A distinctive feature of this game is a huge number of championships, which are regularly held around the world almost every day. It is how the well-known Ukrainian team Natus Vincere, or Na`Vi, Russian team ECGP, Moscow teams Virtus.pro, f0rzE, Rush3D, Moscow Five and many others appeared. Bids are accepted on a team, and on an individual player.

It is worth mentioning other games, which periodically appear in championships and bookmakers. Thus, World of Tanks, a popular simulator of tank battles, rarely can be seen in international competitions as it has got its own championship with its own betting terminal. Quake cup games are still held, but the bets on them are so insignificant, that they are useful only for beginners. It is more interesting to play FIFA series of games than to watch them. Moreover, users prefer to bet on real football. A racing simulator Need for Speed, in spite of a significant audience, failed to cause relatively high demand from bookmakers. In a word, the biggest money on bets can be earned when dealing with familiar favourites.

You can learn more about the bets on eSports at Betting Trends Forum 2016, which will take place in Moscow on March 17, 2016. In addition, the following issues will be discussed:

  • changes in legislation;
  • development of fantasy sports in Russia;
  • how to attract players;
  • how to conduct advertising campaigns under the law.

Each speaker of Betting Trends Forum 2016 will share his/her experiences with the participants of the forum. See you on March 17, 2016 in KORSTON CLUB HOTEL.

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