How to earn money in e-sports? Tips from co-owner of Cyber Bet Gaming Dias Ismailov

How to earn money in e-sports? Tips from co-owner of Cyber Bet Gaming Dias Ismailov

Co-owner and managing director of Cyber Bet Gaming Dias Ismailov will tell about everything that beginning e-sports operators want to know, but are afraid to ask. He will speak at Moscow-based betting forum on 17 March.

  • How to start?
  • What platform to use?
  • What do you need to know about fixed matches?
  • What is the specificity of different disciplines?
  • What income can you expect?

Speaker will answer these questions in frames of his report “E-sports as industry. Guide for action”. You will be able to ask questions regarding anything that will remain obscure.

Dias Ismailov is one of co-owners and managing director of online betting portal Cyber Bet Gaming, author of the book on modern business development. 

Betting on fantasy sports and e-sports is a separate subpanel at Betting Trends Forum. You will have a possibility to hear presentations from Jaroslav Komkov, head of Cyber.Sports.ru, and Dmitriy Sergeev, managing director of championat.com. The focus of their reports is on development of fantasy sports tournaments in Russia and reasons for e-sports popularity.

The list of attendees is growing. For more details please visit the section “Program of conference”.

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