How top tournaments influence gambling activity: report of Leonid Oboznyy

How top tournaments influence gambling activity: report of Leonid Oboznyy

Another speaker of Betting Trends Forum is Leonid Oboznyy, the president of First Gaming (RUB 90), which was founded in 2009. The company focuses on implementation of large-scale projects in gambling and betting business fields.


Topic of expert’s report is “Influence of top tournaments on betting activity”. Within the presentation, he will cover the following issues:

  • trends of previous World Championship and European Championship as a basis for forecasts for 2018;
  • increase of players’ activity and its influence on bookmakers’ revenues during large tournaments;
  • preferences of players and their changes during such periods.

Leonid Oboznyy has 25 years of experience in gambling business. He was managing and giving consultations to the largest casinos in the CIS. His experience in betting is more than 11 years. Leonid was a member of management board of the second SRO of bookmakers, and a head of expert committee of Russian Association of Bookmakers. The expert is a regular speaker in media (and speaker of RGW in 2012-2016).

Leonid Oboznyy will share his expert opinion with Betting Trends Forum attendees on March 31, 2017.


Betting Trends Forum is the only annual conference in Russia dedicated to the betting business.

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