Is it possible to win in E-sports betting?

Is it possible to win in E-sports betting?

Anyone visiting e-sports betting website is willing to win. And of course one wishes to win at once and ideally, as movies show, unbelievably huge amounts of money. Nevertheless, real life usually differs from cinema, with losses and wins always going side by side. The unluckiest players think that it’s impossible to win in betting. Further we will speak about technical side of e-sports betting and whether it is possible to win trying to guess the results of matches.

Information is power in e-sports

Information-is-power-in e-sports

The first thing you need to understand is that as a rule one cannot win millions on a betting terminal. Forget about images offered by movies. If you place a $10 bet, don’t expect to win $100 million. You will need to bet adequate sums in order to win that much.

Similarly, don’t expect to become rich immediately after making one bet. You need to remember that you can lose when you bet on DotA 2 match result for instance. So make sure to estimate the chances to win and make a conscious choice. Common misconception: if you bet a big amount, you will definitely win. Money that you invest in betting should be the last factor in the long succession of complicated calculations and reasoning.

One more useful piece of advice – don’t take the odds stated on websites too seriously. These numbers usually indicate the favourite, and not the unbeatable winner.  Besides that, a position with high odds has more chances to win, that’s why more people will bet on it, and the win will be smaller.

In order to start winning, you need to find your own path instead of blindly following judgments of the crowd, earning 2 cents on each dollar.  

Before you start betting on some e-sports discipline, we recommend you to get some general understanding of it first. It would be even better if you acquired some experience in playing. Unlike common kinds of sport, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors when you bet on e-sports tournaments.

Fortune in e-sports favours the prepared


Second thing you need to remember, when you are getting ready to make a bet: it is absolutely possible to win. There is no global plot among betting operators, who have decided to rob money from players and spend them on gold Ferrari. Each respectable betting house cares about its reputation and won’t deceive people. Besides that, e-sports is similar to math – if you fulfill all conditions of problem solution, “the answer” will be correct. However your first bet should definitely be the amount you are ready to give away easily. Not depending on what you’ve been told, it’s almost impossible to win big from the first attempt. You cannot let your emotions run away with you, don’t try to blandish Dame Fortune or to attract good luck – there is no place for these superstitions in betting. Be concentrated, analyze the play of a team you want to bet on. Don’t neglect to find videos of their games on the Internet and attentively study their tactics. After all, you are going to bet money on those people and you need to know how they win, so have an eye on the state of things. 

Ignore idle talk. In the seeming anonymity of the Internet other people can sound clever saying that they know who will win in the next game. But if those people are not professional players or people who have devoted their whole life to e-sports industry, you can ignore their ‘weighty’ opinion. It’s difficult, because one of the peculiarities of human psychology is to rely on miraculous ‘wisdom’ or ‘insightfulness’ of people who surround you. But you can stop yourself by asking just one question: “If these advice-givers are so smart, why don’t they place bets?” In fact, there is no analyst in the world, who can tell you who and when will win in a particular game. DotA 2, FIFA, StarCraft 2, Counter Strike – all these games have their own specific nature, and in order to thoroughly understand them, one has to spend hundreds of hours in front of the computer.

Win with one click


What else can be done to increase the chances to win when betting on e-sports tournament? At least you should not place bets on games which you don’t understand. You wouldn’t bet on football if you didn’t know the rules, would you? Why isn’t this principle applied to computer games? Many customers, who want to place a bet, still consider e-sports to be something unserious and childish. Thus, if you want to get a stable income, think about specialization. Everyone knows that it’s better to have fundamental knowledge in one field, than general idea about everything in the world. Do you want to win betting high on StarCraft 2? Install this game and spend a month playing it online, trying to win.

Is it possible to win in e-sports betting? Yes. It’s not so difficult as it seems to be, but at the same time – not so easy as it is thought to be. Today thousands of people earn their living on it. They understand the principles of games and know what team can win even if the odds are against it.  

If you want to win, you need to take e-sports seriously, just like more traditional kinds of sport. And you need to learn the subject. It’s impossible to go to e-sports betting website, place five random bets, get a milliard of dollars and go to Hawaii – it’s a time-taking job, like any other business.

And remember: in order to win, you need to use your own brains, and not someone’s judgments. 

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