Five freak bets: successful and not really

Five freak bets: successful and not really

Sometimes customers of betting houses become bored of simply placing bets on a football match result, and they decide to take the house on something unusual. Periodically such bets appear in news feeds, and players’ names become known all over the world.

Bet on aliens


Around 30 years ago an Englishman came to Landbrokes, a betting company, in order to bet on arriving of aliens. The man seriously believed that little green men would come to Earth in 2000.

All in all, the player was sure of the existence of aliens and wanted to get his winnings. After he had been rejected, he turned to UNO to get approval of his rightness. However neither UNO, nor British Ministry of Defense could make him happy.  

On the end of the world


Betting operators regularly accept bets on the end of the world, although it’s not quite logical: how and what for take the winnings, if it really comes?

There was a great deal of such bets in 2012, when the end of the world was supposed to come according to Mayan calendar, and in the time of hadron collider launch.

On weather conditions


Will the river freeze on December 15th, will there be a thunder-storm on May 1st – such bets are popular in Great Britain.

For instance, during one of the winters William Hill players placed bets on the fact that it would be snowing in Glasgow, as far as snow hadn’t fallen for five years in a row there. William Hill customers won in the end.

On footballer’s biting


Uruguayan front man Luis Suarez bit the centre back of Italian team Giorgio Chiellini. The incident wouldn’t be remembered for such a long time, if a player hadn’t placed a bet on it.

A Norwegian Thomas Syversen won $1000 knowing that Suarez had already bitten two footballers during his sports career.

On mammoth


Irish betting company PaddyPower continues to accept bets on mammoth. The point is to guess when and in what country it will be cloned for the first time if it happens all in all.

Those players who betted that it would happen in 2014 and 2015 have already lost. Those who betted on 2016 still have some hope, but chances are really low. The majority thinks that cloning will be made by Russian or American people. 

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