Denis Konotop: Bookmakers have been doing nothing for too long. Now they are trying to make up for lost time

Denis Konotop: Bookmakers have been doing nothing for too long. Now they are trying to make up for lost time

On March 31, Moscow will host Betting Trends Forum 2017 – the only event on the territory of CIS which is dedicated to the development of the bookmaking business. The event will feature a conference with presentations from key representatives of the betting industry in Russia and in the whole world.

One of the speakers at Betting Trends Forum 2017 is Denis Konotop – the expert in the sphere of digital marketing for bookmaker’s shops. Denis gave an interview to the press office of Betting Trends Forum and described the current situation with the Internet marketing for bookmaker’s shops in Russia.


Interviewer: Betting Trends Forum (BTF)

Respondent: Denis Konotop

BTF: Denis, how successful are Russian online bookmaker’s shops in terms of the Internet promotion? Is there a progress in their marketing?

D.K.: Marketing development of our bookmaker’s shops reminds me an old Soviet slogan: “Five-year plan in three years”. Bookmakers have been doing nothing for too long and now they are trying to make up for lost time in a Stakhanov-like manner. Strong players appeared on the market. It made lots of businessmen more active. The progress is obvious but there is a long way to go.

BTF: What are main mistakes online bookmaker’s shops make in the Internet promotion?

D.K.: The major mistake is that they didn’t do the Internet promotion before. Now they are falling into the same trap the Runet entrepreneurs were in 6 or 8 years ago.

BTF: What prevents Russian bookmaker’s shops from attracting more traffic?

D.K.: It would seem that the answer is simple – legislation. But it is wrong. Even on condition of current regulations there is less than a half of traffic which can be “taken”. Our market has the examples of successful bookmaker’s shops but they are deprived of the attention.

BTF: Which events in sports and regulation can increase the number of those who use online bookmaker’s shops?

D.K.: In my opinion, the most important thing is to change legislation. If there is real liberty for bookmaker’s shops in placing Internet ads, Russian bookmakers will have their “world championships” every year or even every month.

BTF: Supposing there is a manual for attracting traffic– will it be universal for Russian and foreign bookmaker’s shops? If not, what are the main differences?

D.K.: The universal manual sounds like this: “In order to make the advertising campaign successful, you don’t need to be smarter than the others. You have to be one day ahead of them”. Every company has its own strong points which should be used in promotion. The success of a company doesn’t depend on the country of origin. Take William Hill, for example. 5 years ago its banners were on the majority of sports websites in CIS. They had a great traffic. The Internet was changing, new opportunities for work with traffic appeared, legislation was changed, new players entered the market. But William Hill stood still. As a result, the company has slipped down and virtually left the Russian market.

BTF: What are you going to speak about at Betting Trends Forum?

D.K.: I will tell participants about the direction in which the Internet is moving and actions which should be taken not to be left behind. I will also speak about main trends for working with traffic.


Don’t miss the speaker’s presentation: “Traffic in betting: main trends of 2017”.

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