Bookmakers consider bill on division by risk degree to be corruptive

Bookmakers consider bill on division by risk degree to be corruptive

The head of the bookmakers’ SRO Darina Denisova commented on a new gambling bill, which was published for public discussion. She said that the division of gambling service operators by the degree of risk has corruption factors and constitutes a real threat to legal Russian bookmaking.

The document developed by the Ministry of Finance of Russia offers to divide bookmakers and other gambling companies into 4 categories according to the degree of risk. The division factor will be the presence or absence of administrative penalties for a certain period of time. The frequency of planned inspections will depend on the category.

Risk degree and frequency of inspections:

  • significant: up to 1 time in 2 years;
  • medium: up to 1 time in 3 years;
  • moderate: up to 1 time in 6 years;
  • low: never.

The head of the bookmakers’ SRO believes that the final decision on determining the degree of risk shouldn’t be adopted by the management of the licensing authority, since it may result in preconception and lead to corruption. In addition, there is no formal justification and a clear legislative system for such a division.


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