Bookmakers consider Mexico vs. Russia match the most unprofitable

Bookmakers consider Mexico vs. Russia match the most unprofitable

The result of Mexico vs. Russia game at the Confederations Cup upset Russian fans, especially those betting on the victory of their favorite team.

Russia left the tournament, loosing with the score of 2:1. Around 70% of players predicted such an outcome. Bookmakers said that it was the most unprofitable match of the tournament for them.


According to Fonbet betting shop, bets on Mexico vs. Russia match were placed in such a way: 25% on the win of Russians; 70% on the victory of Mexicans; and 5% on the draw game. As the result, the game appeared to be successful for bettors but bookmakers suffered losses.

Liga Stavok betting shop said that the amount of payoffs following the results of this game was 55% higher than the volume of bets. Besides, players showed quite a low interest to the match: their activity was three-fold lower than before the competition between Russia and Portugal.

The match had several interesting bets with large wins. The biggest sum (300 000 rubles) was put on Mexico’s victory and brought 765 000 rubles with the odds of 2.55.

The player betting on Mexico’s win upon condition that the first goal was made by Russia obtained a considerable profit. He earned 122 000 rubles at the starting sum of 8 000 rubles.

But the most impressive was the victory of one of Liga Stavok customers who got 13 716 rubles, putting in 200 rubles. The player made an express bet: the score of 2:1 in Mexico – Russia game plus the course of Portugal – New Zealand game (the score of 2:0 after the first half in favor of Portuguese and, as the result, a bias of 4 and more scores towards this team). The odds were 68.58.

Currently, the group stage of the Confederations Cup is over and one has announced the concept of the final and semi-final. Portuguese will play with Chili team and German will play with Mexico. Winners of these matches will compete for the Confederations Cup and losers will compete for the third place. The 2017 Confederations Cup final and competition for the bronze prize of the tournament will take place on the same day, July 2, in different cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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