Marathon betting shop accepts interactive bets

Marathon betting shop accepts interactive bets

The development of Russia’s legal betting business broadly wends the way of computerization. Therefore, Marathon major betting shop has started accepting interactive bets on its website, previously being available only for an insight into lines and odds.

The interactive betting page is the official website of Marathon betting shop: www.marathonbet.ru. The online betting process is absolutely legal in compliance with the current laws of the Russian Federation.

To stay within the law, Marathon obliges all bettors to register in advance in the company’s physical office. Nowadays, there two offices in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. It is still unknown whether their amount will grow or not.

The second condition for virtual betting is availability of Qiwi certificated wallet. The identification for obtaining this status should be passed on the payment system website.

According to the law, bets are accepted only on sports events. All payments between players and the betting company, ether deposition or withdrawal, will be conducted using QIWI Bank’s center of tracking the interactive bet transactions.

Options available for players on the website:

  • pre-match betting;
  • betting during a match;
  • bookmakers’ bonuses and promotional offers.

The website also allows players to abandon the company, closing their game accounts.

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