Betfair opens betting line for Allianz professional drone race

Betfair opens betting line for Allianz professional drone race

The world's largest betting exchange Betfair has signed an agreement for cooperation with Drone Racing League.

Now the British bookmakers will be the first among other offices to accept bets on the drone race. Moreover, it will happen in the near future: Betfair has announced the opening of a betting line for the results of races, which will be held on June 13 as part of the World Drone Race Championship - Allianz World Championship Series.

According to the representative of Betfair, races of drones are becoming more popular, so it is a very profitable deal for the exchange.

Bookmakers will offer the customers two types of bets:

  • on the winners of all races;
  • on the main prize-winner of the Allianz-league.

For those who can not attend the event in person, an online broadcast will be conducted, and bets can be made via the Sky Sports mobile application developed by Betfair.

DRL founder Nick Horbaczewski believes that the race of drones are cut out for bets. They cause adrenaline, excitement and foretaste of victory.

The Allianz Championship will be a part of the London Technology Week, which starts on June 12 and will last five days.

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