Analysts forecast price drop of large British betting companies’ shares

Analysts forecast price drop of large British betting companies’ shares

Stock market analysts have given gloomy forecast for British bookmakers.

Having researched data for the first six month of 2017, they concluded that the price of shares owned by such large companies as William Hill, Ladbrokes Coral Group plc and Paddy Power would decrease.

Those bookmaking enterprises controlled by London-based stock market have to provide information about financial results of the last six month of 2017 by the end of the summer. Data publication will start in July.

Specialists suppose that disappointing results for April and May will influence total indicators of British bookmaking leaders. Taking into account the fact that no large sports events are planned for the summer, the companies won’t be able to attract many clients and improve the situation.

Other circumstances which can negatively influence the cost of shares include fixed rate terminals and Brexit.

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