About the event

Betting Trends Forum 2017

Betting Trends Forum 2017 includes reports of the leading market analysts and legal experts, representatives of the companies that are leaders and authors of the best bookmaking solutions.

Our aim is to create a platform for sharing the experience, extending business relations, finding new solutions for business development, exchanging the ideas, expressing the concerns, presenting one’s own vision of the past, present and future, and most importantly for building a dialog with the authorities regarding the most important trends on the gambling service market.

We have designed our event so that all key issues can be addressed within one discussion platform. We provide a platform for the best content, information, business contacts and business development. We attract senior managers of the operators, service providers, regulators, as well as experts, lawyers, sports organizations and marketing agencies.

Knowledge received within the event will allow you to improve business management system, find new promotional methods for company’s services, as well as implement advanced services and technologies.

Attending the conference, you also get an opportunity to express yourself in the professional community, to establish useful contacts and find new partners.

Without sufficient information about the situation on the market and the best practices of the competitors, you should not count on the successful development of business in the rapidly changing betting industry. The event organized by Smile-Expo is designed to solve this problem.

We are waiting for you on March 31 at Betting Trends Forum 2017.